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pick your music license

our prices for music and audio tracks

digital & crossmedia
starting from €
App, video game, mobile, audiobooks, e-books, book trailers, digital brand compilation (Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer), cross media, educational...
Discover the digital and cross-media experience of Machiavelli and add creative inputs to your projects. Machiavelli has a direct deal with Apple.
starting from €
Corporate videos, istitutionals, product videos, training videos, tutorials on your website, videos on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram...
For your online communication and that in fairs and events we can grant you a license valid forever and worldwide.
starting from €
Adverts and campaigns, backstage, virals, teasers...
Send us your brief, you’ll get a free custom music selection. The price doesn’t change even for multiple subjects or edits. Flat Fee for All Media Italy, Europe or Worlwide campaigns.
starting from €
Films (features and shorts), theatrical documentaries, trailers, teasers, clips...
You can obtain a license valid forever and worldwide.
tv & radio
starting from €
for a custom
made estimate
TV and radio programmes, TV series, TV dramas, TV documentaries...
You can obtain a license valid forever and worldwide. Are you a broadcaster? Ask us for a custom flat fee estimate.
annual blanket agreement
starting from €
for a custom
made estimate
Create the annual flat fee subscription more befitting your needs: web, corporate, advertising, Radio and TV broadcasts...
With our flat fee you save money and for 12 months don’t think about it anymore. Free access to our music for you and your team!
starting from €
for a custom
made estimate
Licensing and third parties rights negotiation at a worldwide level. Management of SIAE and SCF relations.
Creative consulting in searching for the best music content befitting your brief. Do you wish to use a famous track or need to replace it? You haven’t got the time to look for the music you need? Are you frightened by music rights? Ask us!
music architecture
starting from €
for a custom
made estimate
Comprehensive instore music projects, sound ambiences for stores, hotels, museums, restaurants, private and public spaces...
Every brand has its own music soul: we know how to give it life, complementing architectures, shapes, spaces, interior design, with the right music atmopshpere.
Note: the indicated price refers to a single license for use in one production only.

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Is yours a millionaire production? If not, don’t fret, you can still have high quality music!
We’ve got solutions for every wallet. Whether you’re working on a single production or have a multi-video project on your mind, rely on us: we can offer you custom solutions, from needledrop licensing to flat fee options with our convenient blanket agreements.

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