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listen to our music and you'll understand why!

The over 350000 high quality tracks in our music catalogue cover any genre and style to answer to even the most complex production needs.
Are you loking for for the most beautiful songs, contemporary hits and movie soundtracks?
Or perhaps you wish to include in your project the cover version of a renown soundtrack? Or maybe your idea is creating a soundtrack employing the best classical music? Did you envision your movie having a custom made original soundtrack?

Browse our music tracks and sound effects, create the soundtrack to your story!
Avidemux, VideoPad, iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker, Final Cut, GoPro Studio... whichever editing program you're using, our music tracks are ready-made for editing.
Discover our sound for your YouTube creations.

Discover onetrackaday, the 100% Machiavelli Music owned catalogue, or browse the Machiavelli Records, , available for purchase or streaming worldwide on every digital store.

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