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classical music

classical music

the most “classic” of catalogues

Symphonic, lyrical, sacred, chamber, medieval, renaissance, baroque, romantic... From Palestrina to Monteverdi, from Bach to Vivaldi, from Debussy to Puccini, through Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner right up to Schoenberg and Berio.

Our classical music repertoire is sizable and varied: you will find the great themes and most renowned arias, we manage record labels that specialize in ancient italian music (medieval music, renaissance, baroque...), labels ranging from the medieval to the classical period up to composers from the 1800s and contemporaries, from chamber music to symphonic and opera.

A vast musical catalogue, then, with performances by renowned artists and orchestras: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra, Ottavio Dantone e l'Accademia Bizantina, Peter Maag, Claudio Scimone e I Solisti Veneti, Diego Fasolis, Roberto Prosseda, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Oleg Caetani, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Sergio Balestracci, Bruno Canino.

Each and every track is available both in mp3 and wave format, already in high quality and ready for editing; discover the different versions and cuts as well.

The classical music catalogue is constantly expanding and updating, therefore, if you can't find what you're looking for, just contact us!