discover the Machiavelli Music team

discover the Machiavelli Music team

an history of passion for music

It's our passion for music – the good one, just like Piedmontese wines and cuisine – that since1989 has been motivating us in the Machiavelli Music team and pushes us to always look for new ideas and music solutions.

We want to offer our music to all professionals aknowledging the added value music brings to the creative process: production companies, directors, advertising agencies, creatives, producers, editors, publishers, web agencies, radio, television...With a catalogue spanning over 800.000 music tracks from record labels from all around the world, the Machiavelli Music Team is here to help you find the right soundtrack to your story.

If you haven't got the time to look for the most fitting sound for your project, contact us, we'll perform the search for you based on your indications and find the right track, be it italian or foreign.

Meet our team!