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Machiavelli Music: your team of music consultants

What else can you wish for, other than the right music for your project?
A team of music consultants accompaining you in the search for the right track.
What would you like to add to the most appropriate soundtrack to your images?
Machiavelli Music Team, with its multi year experience will find the track that better fits your project.

We truly are the music consultant you can ask for help in your music searches, a creative team here to assist you in finding the audio track you're looking for. If yours is a crossmedia project do not worry, our digital music expert will be more than capable of following you in its project phase too.

Have you got a small budget and would like a tailor made
estimate? Ask us, we're here to help you find the best solution to your budget.
Ours is a team composed of creatives, musicians, music consultants, music rights experts, lifetime professionals. We're not a simple email address you write to, we're real people ready to help you find the right music you're looking for.

We have got the human touch: contact us!