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Acoustic blues
The Blues in all its nuances, from sophisticated to dynamic and irresistibly folksy. Our proposals designed for commercials and TV programs, music for documentaries about the blues.
Autumn colors
Instrumental music for relaxation videos and yoga and pilates video tutorials.
Back to school
Energizing and motivating songs for commercials and videos with scenes of school and kids studying.
Christmas songs in rock, pop, melodic versions for commercials and TV programs.
Playlist inspired by Ennio Morricone's masterpieces, for epic, sophisticated and impactful atmospheres: orchestral music for films.
Classical essentials
The best-known pieces of classical music, from Mozart to Ravel, Debussy to Tchaikovsky, Baroque to Romantic via Chopin's nocturnes, perfect for your creative projects.
Club to club
House music, synths, uplifting and feel good, electro-dance sounds from clubs in Ibiza and Milanese nightlife for videos on nightlife and entertainment culture.
Dolce vita, dolce musica
60s soundtracks, film music in the style of Federico Fellini.
Wind SFX selection
All sound declinations of wind: light breeze,tramontana or hurricane, wind in the mountains, at the sea, in the city, wind with birds or with rain, libeccio wind or blizzard...
Sea SFX selection
All the sound nuances of the sea: calm or stormy sea, sea with seagulls, with whales, with sailors, surfers or with children, with low, medium or high waves.
Crowd SFX selection
Sound effects for scenes in your video where groups of people, or crowds appear: stadium choir, applause, concert audience, children leaving school...
Forest SFX selection
All the sounds of the forest: animal noises, wind rustling, thunder rumbling, natural suggestions for videos of forest walks, tent adventures, SFX for relaxing videos.
Traffic SFX selection
Effects of chaotic traffic and noise of busy streets, pedestrian crossings, urban traffic, cars and trucks.
News and sciences
Fast synths and percussion that tell mystery and convey fear, for Science and Tech and documentaries about virus discoveries.
Comedy songs with overwhelming happiness, lighthearted Laurel and Hardy-style mood, for sunny and bubbly creative projects or Candid Camera videos.
Covers and reinterpretations
Covers of the greatest songs ever, Frank Sinatra, Justin Bieber, Rolling Stones, Rihanna, Beatles, Lady Gaga, Star Wars, James Bond, Grease, Rocky Horror Show, Ennio Morricone, Disney classics.
Drama genre for adrenaline and suspenseful atmospheres, for scenes of crucial, intense and frightening moments, scenes about plots and intrigue, music for investigations and scandals.
Electro pop
Playlist with eclectic and experimental Electro-Pop, techno-dance silky and chill sounds.
Epic playlist: songs with rising and exciting tension, for atmospheres in the style of Braveheart, The Gladiator, music for sports videos, motivational music.
Rhythm and blues, soul and smooth jazz, black music and various pop, rap and chillout lounge declinations.
Indie folk, indie pop, indie rock, indie electronic and underground hip hop, for videos about freedom and rebellious portraits of life.
Swing and retro sound, all shades of jazz, for videos.
Music loves fashion
Glamour music for fashion commercials and Fashion videos, electro-pop, dance and techno sounds for glamour videos.
Summer Break
Energetic and sunny positive tracks to accompany road trips & travel videos.
Opera Divas
Poignant and passionate tracks from the most beautiful operas: female voices, virtuosity and orchestral sounds, convey all the drama of love stories.
Engaging sounding music for party scenes, discos, and nightlife world.
Positive moods
Songs of joy and happiness, for projects expressing sunshine and creativity.
Reggae and ska
Reggae sounds that convey positivity at first listen, in the style of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.
Quirky Christmas
Christmas music, crazy lively and surprising, for commercials and TV programs.
adrenaline-pumping, rebellious and euphoric sounds and pure rock to energize, for motivational videos.
Time to relax
Music for videos on yoga, wellness hotel and spa commercials, pilates and meditation.
Time to workout
Music and songs for fitness and workouts.
Playlists for videos or motivational App with an upbeat and exciting rhythm to get the energy going.
Yoga & meditation
Soft, tranquil and zen atmospheres for videos with relaxing music: mindfulness, yoga, meditation.
Sunny Vibes
Music that leads to happiness, fun and lightness: summer playlist for commercials, TV and radio programs, electro-pop and dance tracks.
Folk playlists for video commercials and TV and radio programs, with soft, enveloping, relaxing atmospheres for documentaries on road trips.
Ballads for myself
A carefully curated selection of ballads exploring self-love, inviting introspection and celebrating self-esteem through powerful melodies that awaken the soul.
Spring Serenade
Discover the perfect spring soundtrack to accompany your nature videos and celebrate change and the beauty of life with Spring Serenade.
Creative Sparks
Explore tracks that provoke thought and melodies that unleash imagination, perfect for any creative project.
La Ville Lumière
Parisian atmosphere, romance, French charm, elegant music, soundtrack for Paris videos, music for documentaries, sophisticated background for corporate videos.
Vacanze Italiane
Summer music, Italian holidays, travel soundtracks, summer in Italy Soundtrack for travel videos, music for summer documentaries, background music for promotional videos.
Passion Olympique
Olympic music, sports soundtracks, celebration of the Olympic Games, Paris 2024, Soundtrack for sports videos, music for Olympic documentaries, background music for sporting events

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