Claude and Jean Marc Challe present SPA Dreams

Claude and Jean Marc Challe present: SPA Dreams

Hot Desert Wind
and Heart and Soul by St. Project, Ancien Devotion by Entalia, Sunset in Santorini by Vincenzo Ricca, No Man’s Land by Aurys, Return to the mountain by Yoshi Akoon are the Machiavelli tracks featured in the Challe brothers latest creation: SPA DREAMS - relaxation.

An album with an innovative music concept, in which the Challe brothers create a lounge soundscape that will lead you into a sensorial trip, through entwining music whose origins and inspirations come from the world of spirituality and meditation.

Since the sixties Claude Challe has entertained the most IN clubs in Parigi from Privé to Bains, to the iconic Buddha Bar… of which the Challes have the undisputed paternity together with that of the homonymous compilations. Claude Challe, first and undeniable Star DJ form the latest nineties is still capable nowadays to gift the entire world with music emotions.

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