Piemonte Movie music and images meet on the territory

Piemonte Movie, music and images meet on the territory

Music and images meet on the territory: in 2015 too Machiavelli and Piemonte Movie renew their collaboration! To promote the music creativity of the projects competing, the work among those participating in the Piemonte Movie Glocal Film Festival with the best soundtrack will be awarded the Machiavelli Music Prize. The selected soundtrack will be digitally published to be distributed on iTunes and all other major online stores. Machiavelli Music strongly commits to the local event spirit, showcasing regional productions from both yesterday and today, but also increasingly global in its scope and intent to build a network of regional and european similar events. This is the drive behind Machiavelli Music’s commitment: to invest on the young and music professionals, through constant search for new talents on the national territory, promoting worldwide the creativity of italian artists.