machiavelli music for insuperabili

Machiavelli Music for Insuperabili

Our music is featured in Insuperabili, a documentary by Alessandro Capitani and Simone Giorgi narrating the tale of four female athletes representing Italy at the Paralympic Games.

At every match, at every challenge, these four athletes push it even further than human limits. Like every other athlete they reach performances impossible to others, they live for victory, they live for the records.
Athletes ask their legs to run faster than possible, their muscles to strecth to excess. Them, Martina, Assunta, Giulia e Veronica, are twice as special: they have to fight even against the limitations of their own bodies – artificial hands, unseeing eyes, unresponsive legs.
Theirs is a challenge to the past: forgive the accident, the illness or genetic flaw that prevented them to be like everyone else.
A challenge that can bring them to winning the gold at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

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