machiavelli music for italia creativa

Machiavelli Music for Italia Creativa

We’ve forgotten that even the Coliseum has been contemporary architecture, that Michelangelo has been a contemporary painter, that Verdi and Puccini were contemporary composers and Italy is full of talents and creativity, of young and great masters. And, most importantly, this Italian creativity might and shall become, as today’s numbers show us, a formidable vehicle for growth”.

These the words Italian Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, said during the event organized by Triennale di Milano aiming at promoting Italia creativa, the first study presenting the culture and creativity industry created by EY (Ernst&Young) with the collaboration of every major association in the industry, presided over by Siae and Mibact, an event which Machiavelli Music attended as member of FEM.

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