we are all friends of the river

We are all Friends of the River

On the night oh december 30th, 2016 arson destroyed the hangar where all the boats belonging to Circolo torinese Amici del Fiume were stored. An inexplicable, cruel act that caused over 200000 euros in damages to the Circle and deprived the athletes of any chance of training.

Machiavelli wanted to contribute by providing the music for the video Siamo tutti Amici del Fiume: the notes of The Last Waltz accompain the voices of the various testimonials expressing solidarity towards the historical rowing circle, which is ready to start again.

We hope this will also be an opportunity to finally look at our beautiful river as a veritable resource and wealth for our city.

We will see you at the Circolo on February 25th for a day of events whose revenue will entirely go towards the fund for the purchase of new boats!

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