what makes you a champion machiavelli music for nazionali

What makes you a champion? Machiavelli Music for “Nazionali”

Machiavelli Music signs the soundtrack to Nazionali, a docufilm series of 30 minutes episodes, produced by Raisport, on air starting Sunday Februarty 19th, at 0:30 a.m., on Rai2.

Each episode focuses on an athlete, not a soccer player, who distinguished himself for his achievements in a sport discipline, becoming (at least for a day) a national hero.

What made that person into a champion? Where is the switch that turned is determination on, nurturing his talent with drive and dedication? This is the true heart of the programme, expressed with sensitivity and gentleness by the director, our Alessandro Capitani.
The promo previews feature portraits of Fabio Basile, judo olimpic champion at Rio2016 and skater Carolina Kostner.

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