discover the latest onetrackaday releases

Discover the latest onetrackaday releases

Autumn has arrived, with its colours, its poetry... and with our new releases!
Discover the latest #onetrackaday releases, available for your next projects:

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M083 - Give me everything - Contemporary electro pop 4
A dance pop album, rhythmed by brilliant and positive female voices for a contemporary mood, full of charm and sensuality.


M084 - Sparkling Reflections - Electronic ethno drama soundtracks
Ambient atmospheres where ethnic and arabesque sounds combined with contemporary, electronic and organic sounds combine in a harmonic crescendo.


M085 - Inevitable Mistakes - Electronic Sessions 1
Hypnotic and languid, funky and intriguing, the sound of Inevitable Mistakes creates psychedelic atmospheres whose deep house elements, enriched by vocal samples and beats, sometimes contribute to orient the album towards a more trippy, reflective mood.


M086 - The Consequences Of Loop - Electronic Sessions 2
Electronics and psychedelic sound alternate with a more emotional and pungent mood, with trip hop elements that transform the atmosphere, making it hypnotic and intensely chic.


M087 - Keyboard enchantment - Modern classical piano ensembles
Delicate and comforting, warm and sincere, fluctuating and reflective, the sound of this album is crossed by orchestral sounds, with memorable themes immersed in relaxed and dreamy atmospheres.