live performance of our project to in bologna milan lecce and palermo

Live Performance of our Project-To in Bologna, Milan, Lecce and Palermo

Propaganda 1904 and Project-To, artistic collectives published by Machiavelli Music Publishing, sound live, full electronic, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, (German animated film of 1926), for an immersive sonorization of Lotte Reiniger's work between electronic drone architecture, ambient and noise. 

The live performance - articulated between silhouettes, Chinese shadow theatre and avant-garde cinematographic techniques, celebrated through powerful electronic sounds, drone, noise, industrial, ambient and other sound architectures designed by the musicians Luca "Onyricon" Giglio and Riccardo Mazza - opened the Milanese, Bolognese, Lecce and Palermo stages of Seeyousound Italia.

The sonorization of The Adventures of Prince Achmed is a show for the heart and mind, in which the sound experimentations of Project-To and Propaganda 1904 blend with the magnificent silhouettes of Lotte Reiniger.