machiavelli music presents 2nd foundation music and arrow music

Machiavelli Music presents: 2nd Foundation Music and Arrow Music

2nd Foundation Music is the new catalogue distributed by Machiavelli Music. The catalogue is produced by Bradley Farmer and Daryl Griffith, conductor, arranger, composer of classical music, both active for decades in music production for Cinema and TV.

Discover 2nd Foundation Music and find the sound for your project among the more than 5700 songs in the catalogue, perfect for TV series, reality shows, documentaries, funny clips, web news and programmes for families and children.

Listen to the latest album by 2nd Foundation Music: Drama String Beds

Arrow Production Music, the new UK label specialized in electronic music, is born from the same team as 2nd Foundation Music. From the skilful mix of orchestral and synthetic samples, a range of unique sound universes is designed to accompany the images, enriching the imagination

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