CREO the fifth artistic residence at the artemista centre has been completed

“CREO”: the fifth artistic residence at the Artemista Centre has been completed

The creative residence of two young musical talents, Gabriele Batia and Alessandro Bono, took place in the past few days at Artemista Cultural Centre, based in Spessa.

Their stay, two whole weeks dedicated to musical creation, was developed within #CREO Composizioni Registrazioni Edizioni Originali, the project dedicated to the creation of young Italian musical talents within the initiative #PerChiCrea, dedicated to young musicians looking for opportunities and promoted by Machiavelli Music Publishing and Associazione Culturale Artemista, supported by SIAE and MiBACT.

The selected artists, six individuals or musical groups, have all been supported by a scholarship.
The space of the residence is the ideal environment for musical creation and time, during the creative stay, was therefore dedicated to: creation, training, production. The tutors, professionals in the music sector, have as always offered support on creative solutions, arrangement choices, performance practices, aimed at strengthening the musical identity of each project.

Gabriele says, about the experience: "Artemistic was a discovery. An evocative environment made of memory, simplicity and warmth that make the experience precious. Its spaces led me to forgotten slow rhythms and to intense work sessions that I never thought I would have been able to sustain, punctuated by the bells of the village that, as it was in the past, beat the middle giving order and shape to the days. Artemista Centre is also The time with which I was able to look at things around me, and it was from a window on the soft hills beyond that I looked for ideas for my music and found the feeling of being made up of the moments that brought me here. So discovering time and memory and then sharing with Mauro and Elisa who are the Guardians of this sacred space of art. The Artemista residence is working hard, suddenly seing the color of the sky and being free to give up everything to run away and take a picture”.