Turin first may concert is online our artists go forward for mondo nuovo new world

Turin first May concert is online: our artists go forward for “mondo nuovo” (“new world”)

A day-long “digital square" event, a marathon of debates that reaches the inevitable music concert, initiative launched by Arci Torino and Comunet. 
“Mondo Nuovo", in streaming from 10am on May 1st (follow the live broadcast on FB here) is a virtual parade: the word will be given to a world that will be the protagonist of the Restart after the pandemic that has upset our country. Off-stage intervention, to collectively elaborate new visions and collaborative programs, where the live concert is the framework as from tradition.

Mangaboo, Accordi e Disaccordi, Luciana Bigazzi and Maurizio Colonna are the musicians published by Machiavelli Music who bring their musical contribution to the live performance of “Mondo Nuovo”, here in live streaming, together with the other voices of the artistic community of our territory that have joined the initiative.  

Don't miss them!