believe in yourself with maxandco

"Believe in yourself", Max&Co's invitation in music

The R&B notes of Believe in yourself by Willie Aron and Joey Peters, transport you into a world of gritty femininity with strong references to the energy of Black Power, and transform the new Max&Co commercial more than a promotional message into a strong invitation to choose the Brand as a lifestyle, in a communication whose strength is openly based on the music that accompanies it, with its lyrics.
Music and femininity told in the sequences of the new commercial, on air and to be seen on our YT channel, are the combination that reminds us of the importance of being bold, courageous and brilliant every day.

The Brand invites its audience, to the cry of "Believe in yourself", to recognize the importance of expressing themselves and living every second of life with positivity, energy and self-confidence.

Watch the clip on our YouTube channel:

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