creo the sixth artistic residence at the artemista centre has begun

"CREO”: the sixth artistic residence at the Artemista Centre has begun

The artwork speaks to us... but what does his voice sound like? The Root project, composed by musician Marco Puzzello and actress Elisa Morciano, was born from this question. It was born from the desire to listen to that  imperceptible frequency that art emits, but which the human ear cannot hear. "I firmly believe that music is a primary, ancestral, essential glue not only between people, but also between different artistic expressions. This residence will allow, in a unique moment of sharing and collaboration not only with the fundamental help of the tutors, but also with other young artists”. Their stay, two whole weeks dedicated to musical creation, is developed within #CREO Composizioni Registrazioni Edizioni Originali, the project dedicated to the creation of young Italian musical talents within the initiative #PerChiCrea, dedicated to young musicians looking for opportunities and promoted by Machiavelli Music and Associazione Culturale Artemista, supported by SIAE and MiBACT.

The selected artists, six individuals and musical groups, have all been supported by a scholarship. The space of the residence is the ideal environment for musical creation and time, during the creative stay, was therefore dedicated to: creation, training, production.

The tutors, professionals in the music sector, offered support on creative solutions, arrangement choices, performance practices, aimed at strengthening the musical identity of each project.