machiavelli music for the new jeep commercial

Machiavelli Music for the new Jeep commercial!

Rock notes and pure energy in the form of music drive the new cars in the Jeep range which, to the notes of Slapback by Timothy Bryson and Patrice Irving (Machiavelli Music / Megatrax), promise the spectator of the new commercial that his beliefs about the car will soon be revolutionised. The stereotypes and clichés linked to the world of cars are broken down in a thunderous way thanks to the emotional reverberation of the music, which gives the images the desired shock effect and transports the viewer straight to the final goal of the promotional campaign: Jeep latest models are shown in this sequence of music and images ready to dispel any prejudice, in grand style, and every cliché about price, consumption and quality of the cars is shattered into a thousand pieces.

The Jeep commercial is a worldwide campaign on air on the main TV channels, through the digital platforms of the brand's main social channels, such as YouTube and Facebook, and on the main radio channels, including digital streaming platforms, from Spotify to web radio.

Watch the clip on our YouTube channel:

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