plasmons historical jingle fortissimissimo saro is renewed and becomes social with italian influencer

Plasmon’s historical jingle "Fortissimissimo Sarò" is renewed and becomes social with italian influencer Clio Make-Up.

Machiavelli's historic musical collaboration with Plasmon is renewed with the branded music operation with Clio MakeUp testimonial. Plasmon becomes a record producer and, with the musical consultancy of Machiavelli, realizes the musical project "Ti crescerò” (translated, “I will grow you”).
Very successful influencer and entrepreneur, Clio become for the project a music artist and lends her voice to a new version of the legendary song "Fortissimissimo sarò” (traslated, “I will be so strong”), an indelible ADV melody for all children in the 80s and 90s. From the music and from Clio's sweet and very human interpretation comes "Ti crescerò (Fortissimissimo sarò)” (traslated, “I will grow you (And I’ll be so strong)”), a message of love and trust in a the close future, the childrens future but also that of their parents, and all of us: the future that all of us are hoping to be more serene and peaceful than today's times.
The new version of the iconic soundtrack of the legendary Plasmon biscuits and homogenized biscuits is online on Spotify and Apple Music and on the main music streaming platforms, as well as Instagram and Facebook, where parents are invited to co-star in the video stories that will then be selected for the official video clip of the song.

Listen to Plasmon campaign “Ti crescerò” on Spotify.

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