sienteme the new single of mangaboo that will overwhelm you with its adrenaline

"Sienteme": the new single of Mangaboo that will overwhelm you with its adrenaline!

Machiavelli Music presents Sienteme, the new single by Mangaboo, out on January 20th with the extraordinary participation of Enzo Avitabile, saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and Neapolitan singer-songwriter who has been warming the stages all over the world since the Seventies. Sienteme, published by Machiavelli Music, was written by Enzo Avitabile himself, with a rap metric in Neapolitan dialect alternated with a more melodic refrain in griko, an idiom of Hellenic heritage still in use in southern Italy.

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Today "Africa is approaching Europe" while "the East is waking up and the West is resting" but "real music doesn't keep colours, for centuries and centuries when it was a noise". Actuality and antiquity are accompanied not only in the form but also in the content of the piece: it is a civilized text that more than ever addresses the contemporary world and all peoples who have always been in constant movement. 

All this is underlined by a tribal electronic arrangement that leaves little escape to the idea of being still and good!

A little more than two years after their debut, Mangaboo, published by Machiavelli Music, comes out with the single that anticipates the second album titled "Autoradio" that will see the light in May 2020. Giulietta and Pisti consolidate a partnership born in Turin, our city that over the years has seen them as protagonists of musical projects very different from each other but with a strong common denominator: electronic music. We are talking about projects like Krakatoa and Motel Connection for Francesco Pistoi aka Pisti and The Sweet Life Society for Giulietta Passera. The production is part of a larger recording project, Lunetta 11, a production studio and contemporary art gallery based in a small village in the Piedmontese Alta Langa.