the creo project continues the turin based group sartoria sonora is in residence at the centro artemista

The “CREO" project continues: the Turin-based group Sartoria Sonora is in residence at the Centro Artemista

Sartoria Sonora is a project born from the idea of young sound engineers, Mattia Corrado, Luca Orsini and Dario Cicala, who decided to combine their specific skills for a common goal: create a reality that can meet every need in the field of music, from soundtracks to video sound, from jingles to mix & mastering. The young musicians, with Antonina Macek who will be the voice of the project, are in these days in creative residence at the Artemista Recording Studio. This is the third of the six residencies awarded within CREO, the project dedicated to the creation of young Italian musical talents within the initiative #PerChiCrea, dedicated to young musicians looking for opportunities and promoted by Machiavelli Music Publishing and Associazione Culturale Artemista, supported by SIAE and MiBACT.

The artists selected within the CREO project are welcomed for a 14-day creative residency period at the Artemista Cultural Centre in Spessa (PV) and are supported by a scholarship. The space of the residency offers the ideal environment for musical creation and the time, during the creative stay, will be dedicated to: creation, training, production.

The tutors, professionals in the music sector, offer support on creative solutions, arrangement choices, performance practices, to strengthen the musical identity of each project.

Sartoria Sonora in residenza presso il Centro Artemista