how important is music in our lives how much is it able to guide our emotions

How important is music in our lives? How much is it able to guide our emotions?

Pietro Giola, our CEO, will mediate the web conference "Liquid music: sounds fair? Reflections on the value of music today", as part of Milano Digital Week, which takes place again in Milan from March 17th to 21st with events, experiences, workshops and seminars on the theme of the "Fair and Sustainable City".   

The event is open (free register to access) and will take place: 

Friday 19th March
from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

Here is the link to register:

The event, conceived, proposed and organised by Machiavelli Music, is a round table between professionals in the sector, on the value of music in our lives and its recognition as an industry in Italy, to the present day. 

Music is increasingly liquid and ubiquitous, but it is hard to understand its real value, including its economic value: people are behind music, and in Italy too, music is a real industry with hundreds of thousands of employees. The meeting, which will take the form of a Zoom Webinar, is a reflection with a group of industry insiders and experts:

Pietro Giola
CEO Machiavelli Music
Organiser and moderator of the event 

Roberto Razzini
Managing Director Warner Chappell Music Italiana S.r.l. 

Giampiero Di Carlo
CEO Rockol

Flavio Ibba
Composer, producer and music supervisor
CEO Red Rose Productions 

Giorgio Li Calzi
Composer and music producer
Artistic Director Torino Jazz Festival 

The value-gap in digital music distribution and curiosities, clichés and contradictions in the music industry will also be discussed.   

Event organised in collaboration with Copernico

Register and participate by clicking here: