machiavelli music for etro zodiacs under the sign of etro

Machiavelli Music for Etro: “Zodiacs, under the sign of Etro”

We are happy for our collaboration with Etro on the video project "Zodiacs, under the sign of ETRO", with the production of a revised version of Roberta Kelly's hit. Machiavelli also provided editorial rights consultancy for Warner Music Publishing Italy.

Watch the clip on our YouTube channel:

A hymn to the joy of living, an evocative and engaging tale in pure “Etro essence” with the spirit of the Holiday Season. The multicoloured explosion of garments and accessories and the enthusiasm of the group reaches its peak with the notes of "Zodiacs".
"Zodiacs, under the sign of ETRO", directed by Tommaso Ottomano, is the story of a club party, in which the singer played by Tina Kunakey performs a new version of the song "Zodiacs" in front of an adoring audience.