onetrackaday discover our latest releases signed machiavelli music

Onetrackaday: discover our latest releases signed Machiavelli Music!

Discover the last eight #onetrackaday productions, and give life to your soundtrack.

#onetrackaday, the music catalog 100% Machiavelli Music Publishing.
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M069 - Rising hopes
Uplifting and hopeful soundscapes


M096 - Crime rebirth 1
Thriller, Drama & Sci-Fi


M097 - Crime rebirth 2
Thriller, Drama & Sci-Fi


M098 - Crime rebirth 3
Thriller, Drama & Sci-Fi


M099 - Crime rebirth 4
Thriller, Drama & Sci-Fi


M100 Swing époque
Acoustic combo jazz & manouche


M101 Planet-wide challenge
Motivational electro anthems


M102 - Renewed promises
Orchestral bursts of tenderness


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