our machiavelli music award goes to the off key song from the short film gli atomici fotonici

Our Machiavelli Music award goes to the off-key song from the short film "Gli atomici Fotonici"!

The Machiavelli Music award for best soundtrack this year goes to Luca Fois for the music and Paolo Bonfadini and Federico Pari for the song, in the short film "Gli atomici Fotonici". 

It is music that transforms and renews the bond between a father and son who have lost touch with each other. But the theme is dealt with in a light, amusing way, and the possible conflict is averted through the (off-key) notes of a song that tells of a deep understanding between father and son, of a complicity that remains alive and boldly overcomes all limits. 

The music recounts with tenderness and irony this game of relationships, from which transpires a happy childhood, which unites, gives strength and which today can once again take us far.   

See the trailer of the short film that Machiavelli Music awarded:

The Machiavelli Music Award for the best original soundtrack among the shorts in competition at the Glocal Film Festival consists in the publication of the soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and on all digital stores worldwide. 

Through our collaboration with the Glocal Festival we want to continue, this year more than ever, to invest in young people and in the protagonists of music, with the constant search for new talent in Italy and to promote the creativity of young Italian artists abroad.