our music for the docu fiction amati fantasmi

Our music for the docu-fiction “Amati fantasmi”

Machiavelli Music participates in the story of the first and only retirement home for Italian actors, and the soundtrack of the docu-fiction "Amati Fantasmi" is enriched with music from its international repertoire.

Bird stories, Brightness falls, Windswept, Stolen dance, Million miles an hour, Bird Stories 125 BPM Abmin, Labyrinth, Love is an unwritten book: the titles of the songs from the Machiavelli Music repertoire chosen by Riccardo Marchesini, director of the fiction.

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“Amati Fantasmi”, the docu-fiction by Riccardo Marchesini, arrives in first view on Rai 5 RaiPlay streaming platform to tell the story of the first and only rest home for actors. Casa Lyda Borelli opened in Bologna in 1931 to accommodate those artists who lived a wandering life, almost circus-like, arrived at the end of their careers without a home and without a family.

The film, scripted by writer Grazia Verasani and produced by Giostra film, combines elements of reality and fantasy by collecting the testimonies of Pupi Avati, Gabriele Lavia, Giuliana Lojodice, Glauco Mauri, Tullio Solenghi, Pino Strabioli, Milena Vukotic and the interpretations of many theater actors such as Lucia Poli, Giulia Lazzarini, Umberto Bortolani, Elena Bucci, Alessandra Frabetti, Francesca Mazza, Stefano Randisi, Marco Sgrosso, Enzo Vetrano.

When night falls, the halls of Villa Borelli come alive with ancient presences: they are the ghosts of the artists who stayed there.  Among the old posed photos, the trunks full of dusty costumes, the playbills and the yellowed scripts, ancient rivalries between old actresses rekindle, melancholy of a life spent on tour, anecdotes about colleagues of the past and memories of bright successes...

The "Beloved Ghosts” (“amati fantasmi”) of Casa Borelli take us back to a distant season in which actors wandered from a theater to a movie set for an entire life, until the weight of the years brought them to Bologna, in the home of the actors, for the last act of their existences.