the job of the music publisher today focused on pietro giola

"The job of the music publisher", today focused on Pietro Giola.

Today Pietro Giola is the focus "The job of the music publisher", a format created by FEM (Federation of Music Publishers) and the music magazine Rockol, since 1995 the first reference site for music in Italy.
The goal of the format is to turn a spotlight on the world of authors and publishers.

The article contains a video interview with Pietro. Here is on Rockol's Home-page:

"Our claim is 'Let the music tell the story", tells Pietro: "We've tried to bring that out all the time because we really believe that music has the power to change the meaning and sense of any story. We can realize this by ourselves. Just watch a movie scene - and associate three different music tracks: you will see three different stories, or - at least - three different directions of the stories. Music can give an intense power to images and that's what we always want to bring out in all the work we do."

"The goal of our work is to give novelty and freshness and bring with music an added value to any project in the world of entertainment and communication."

"The sense of our work is to always combine the innovative and digital tools we use daily and a strong dose of human relationships that we establish every day with directors, creatives, brand managers. It is this relationship that allows us to give them immediate and tailor-made musical answers, alway with a focus on the proper enhancement of the creative work of our musicians."