the machiavelli award for the best soundtrack is back

The Machiavelli Award for the best soundtrack is back!

Also in 2021 Machiavelli Music supports and collaborates with the “Glocal Film Festival” Piemonte Movie, this year at its 20th edition.
In order to promote, as every year, the musical originality of the competing projects, the work in competition with the best original soundtrack, among those present in the finalist short films of Spazio Piemonte, will win the Machiavelli Music Award. The winning soundtrack will be published in digital format and distributed on the main online stores. 

This award reaffirms the meaning of our work: music contributes to giving meaning to the images of the films and is able to influence the effectiveness of the message. It is music that conveys the emotions of the story, as evidenced by  Machiavelli Music video “The Field: Let the music tell the story”. 

The Festival, for the second year live on the Facebook page @PiemonteMovieGlocalNetwork, does not intend to miss the appointment with Piedmontese cinema, while reaching the public in another way, the only one currently allowed.   But the aims of the festival and of our partnership are not betrayed: to return the state of the art of local film creativity and to create connections between insiders and aspiring filmmakers.   

Machiavelli Music strongly adheres to the spirit of the local event, a showcase for regional productions of yesterday and today, but increasingly global in its intention to establish a network between regional and European events. It is in this sense that Machiavelli Music pursues one of its main objectives: to invest in young people and music professionals, through the constant search for new talents on the national territory, promoting abroad the creativity of young Italian artists.   

Music plays a decisive role in the success of video projects, and specifically of short films: this Award also exists to remind us of the need for it and the value it adds to any creative project.