the right music for an advertising campaign goes straight to the heart

The right music for an advertising campaign goes straight to the heart.

"Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable', said Leonard Bernstein.

And if this is true for a film, it is even more true for an ad, where the choice of the soundtrack is even more fundamental than the script or the choice of images.

Pietro Giola, CEO of Machiavelli Music, reflects on the issue of creativity in advertising in this particular historical period.
"During the first lockdown, people shared a strong emotional disorientation, and the response of the big brands was unequivocal: promotional campaigns became messages of closeness and solidarity very similar to each other, even from a musical point of view, often accompanied by reassuring piano notes. Today, after several months, the desire for normality has returned to people. And advertising production, fortunately, is showing strong signs of recovery, and is proving to be inventive and creative again. The involvement of users, when well thought out, comes straight to the viewer."
"Let's not forget," adds Pietro, "that the link, the direct involvement with the individual consumer is largely conveyed by music”.

In advertising, music is the main narrative element, due to its ability to build an emotional bridge with the viewer and its strong evocative power: getting the music wrong can compromise the success of a promotional message.

Thanks to “La Stampa" for this insight!