tho mas la discoteca music from the motion picture is out today

Tho.mas "La Discoteca - Music from the Motion Picture" is out today!

'La Discoteca - Music from the Motion Picture', by Thomas Costantin, aka Tho.mas, produced and published by Machiavelli Music, comes out on 9 September 2021 on all online sales and streaming platforms.

The album is online:

Music: Tho.mas
Composed by Thomas Constantin
© 2021 Machiavelli Music Publishing
2021 Machiavelli srl

"La Discoteca - Music from the Motion Picture" is the album accompanying the film "La Discoteca" by the artist Jacopo Miliani. The project is produced and published by Machiavelli Music.

Watch the film's trailer on our You Tube channel: 

The film's soundtrack has been defined by the artist himself as "an electronic journey into a parallel space where basses with an obscure dance attitude combine with the magic of sharp synths and multiform percussion, taken from disco, house and the ever-present techno, the music that has been the symbol of clubbing for the last 30 years". 

Tho.mas's album is dedicated to the memory of his friend and muse Sabrina Querci, who passed away last July 2021.

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Tho.mas has already produced for Machiavelli Music:

1 - "Variations” - (© e Machiavelli Music)

Produced under the art direction of Dj Pisti, co-founder of Motel Connection and Mangaboo, "VARIATIONS" is produced and published by Machiavelli Music.
The title - which ironically refers to the world of classical music - highlights the variety of souls that make up the disc: a waltz inspired by the poetics of Michael Nyman, a blues with the rhythms of a saloon of the future, a song inspired by the 50th anniversary of the trip to the moon - "Trip to the Moon” - as well as tributes to the immortals of jazz and the world of cartoons.

2 - “Trip to the Moon - Remixes” - (© e Machiavelli Music)

An EP produced by Machiavelli Music featuring four innovative interpretations of the hit single from Tho.Mas' Variations album.
The "radio edit" is by Tho.Mas himself and is the prelude to the remix versions. POPOLO NUOVO remix is the version of the brand new old-school techno project still unreleased by DJ Pisti (Francesco Pistoi, co-founder of Motel Connection, and Mangaboo - already published by Machiavelli Music) and Valerio Vaudano (Vaudafunk, Olderico Tarasconi). B-CROMA remix is by the Italian duo of Marco Spaggiari and Rocco Giovannoni, now producers in London, with a softer, brighter-sounding electronica. Completing the quartet of new releases is CLUB DOMANI Remix by the duo of Andrea Ratti and Sergio Tavelli. Former Plastic DJs, discohouse lovers, CLUB DOMANI offers a typically dancefloor version of Trip to the Moon.