valo artists creating music that connects

VALO Artists: "Creating Music That Connects"

This is the goal of the Valo Artists label: connecting content creators of commercials, social media and in general all communication creatives, with a structured collective of talented emerging artists, musicians and songwriters, led by experienced producers and always up to date with new musical trends.

Valo Artist is a label created by Warner Chappell PM, which Machiavelli Music is proud to represent exclusively for Italy.
There are almost 130 albums you can discover on our online search engine, over 1,400 tracks exploring different genres: Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop and Soul, singer-songwriter productions...

Together with Warner Chappell, our ten-year partner, we always offer the music we love: music created with commitment, dedication and passion.

The sound of Valo Artists can be the soundtrack of your project!