discover larvae a project by francesco cerrato and machiavelli music

Discover “Larvae”, a project by Francesco Cerrato and Machiavelli Music.

Released by Machiavelli Music and composed by Francesco Cerrato, violinist and composer from Asti, the soundtrack of the short film “Larvae” is a highly evocative and expressive musical project, which involved extraordinary musicians such as Michele Barchi (harpsichord), Daniele Ferretti (organ) and Stefano Cerrato (cello).

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In “Larvae” project, by director Alessandro Rota, expected at many festivals starting in February, science confronts the supernatural. The facts are closely linked to history: although it is a fictional story, the character of Cesare Lombroso lives on in the tale.

"It is a short film that moves between science, hidden truths and unknown forces. The atmospheres are the gothic ones dear to masters such as Mario Bava, Dario Argento and Pupi Avati: Larvae tells us about the dark side, the inexplicable, the consequences of human feelings," says director Alessandro Rota.

"The director wanted the music to be very present," says Cerrato in Carlo Francesco Conti's recent interview for La Stampa, "and it accompanies practically all the scenes, so the result is a small symphony". The musician worked on a soundtrack with a skilful mix of perfect human performance by exceptional musicians, together with a virtual ensemble masterfully programmed down to the smallest detail.

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"Turin, 1909. Cesare Lombroso, the famous founder of Criminal Anthropology, arrives at the isolated villa of Lazar, an elderly illusionist. Lombroso, who in recent years has devoted himself to the study of Spiritism, sets Lazar a challenge: to prove that the supernatural exists and that it could be the cause of a heinous crime. What could have triggered the murderous fury in the young seminarian Tommaso and what links him to Lazar's alleged paranormal faculties and his son Lorenzo? Is it just illusionism or is there something real? Lazar's ancient and decadent villa hides many truths and Lombroso's scientific vision will have to open up to new perspectives."

The film will be launched on the festival circuit in February and was made in total production autonomy, born of the collaboration between the Associazione Culturale Officine Ianós and Reddress s.r.l., with the support of various institutional bodies:

Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Astut, Direzione Regionale Musei Piemonte, Associazione Govone Residenza Sabauda, Fondazione Asti Musei, Comune di Saluzzo, Terres Monviso, Comune di Dogliani, Comune di Traversella took part in the project.

Filming took place in many locations in Piedmont, including the Royal Castle of Govone, the house of the Marquis Del Carretto of Saluzzo, the Castle of Agliè, and the Monviso Natural Park.