discover the new onetrackaday releases

Discover the new onetrackaday releases!

Musical atmospheres for all tastes in onetrackaday's latest productions, from contemporary classic mood to rock!
If you are looking for a sophisticated soundtrack, find your music in the album Greyscale (M108) and Watersuite (M109).
For promo productions with a positive mood your album is It makes you happy (M110).
For adrenaline-pumping productions with sports and action, look for your soundtrack in Rockin' legends vol.1 (M111) e Rockin' legends vol.2 (M112).

Listen to the five albums here:

Onetrackaday Volume 108  

M108 - Greyscale
String quartet based dark drama

Sophisticated, reflective, sometimes sombre atmospheres, enriched by the nostalgic notes of the strings and the seductive ones of the piano. Modern classical for piano, string quartet and electronics, for those seeking a sophisticated soundtrack.
#engaging #emotional #proud #stimulating #contemplative

Onetrackaday Volume 109  

M109 - Watersuite
Contemporary classical for piano, string quartet & electronics

Nostalgic, contemplative, hypnotic atmospheres, enriched by the solemnity of the strings and the tragic nature of the piano. Modern classical for piano, string quartet and electronics for those looking for a classy soundtrack.
#disturbing #dark #hypnotic #emotional #reflective

Onetrackaday Volume 110  

M110 - It makes you happy
Trendy pop vocals

Indie-pop, synth pop, R&B pop... motivation, fun and positive emotions for this album. Trendy pop vocals for promotional videos with a positive vibe.
#dance #pop #vocals #sunshine #inspiration #encouraging #smooth

Onetrackaday Volume 110  

M111 - Rockin' legends vol.1
Breathtaking instrumental modern rock

Motivational and rebellious rock, featuring the proud notes of the electric guitar and the disruptive power of the drums to create experiences of optimism and energy.
#empowering #proud #motivational #vigorous #decisive #irreverent

Onetrackaday Volume 109  

M112 - Rockin' legends vol.2
Breathtaking instrumental modern rock

Frenetic experiences and enthralling emotions to be delivered by the sound of unruly electric guitars, hard electric basses and the power of drums. Breathtaking instrumental modern rock for adrenaline-fuelled productions with sport and action.
#empowering #proud #motivational #vigorous #decisive #irreverent

“Greyscale", “Watersuite”, “It makes you happy”, “Rockin’ legends vol.1” and “Rockin' legends vol.2” are the new albums of #onetrackaday, the 100% Machiavelli Music Publishing catalogue.

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