governance original soundtrack by machiavelli music arrives on the big screen

Governance: original soundtrack by Machiavelli Music, arrives on the big screen

One of the revelations of 2021, "Governance", directed by Michael Zampino and starring Massimo Popolizio and Vinicio Marchioni, is finally coming to the cinema, a year after its release on Amazon Prime streaming.
The film's original soundtrack was provided by Machiavelli Music with Sartoria Sonora, a Turin-based group of young musical talents, whose electronic sound takes on an almost hypnotic expressive value in this political thriller.

Appointment therefore on Sunday 3 April, at 8.30 pm, at the Cinema Massimo, in Turin.

Director Michael Zampino will be present. Pietro Giola (founder, Machiavelli Music Publishing), the musicians of Sartoria Sonora (Mattia Corrado, Dario Cicala and Luca Orsini), actress Sarah Denys, and Antonio De Lucia (set photographer) will also be present.

Governance has so far received two Kinéo awards at the Venice Film Festival, a Golden Globe for best screenplay and three Nastri d’Argento nominations.

The film is set in the oil industry and explores the eternal conflict between truth and power, justice and economic interests. But Governance is not only a fresco of a world, the energy world, in which the director has worked for 15 years; it is also the portrait of a manager, Renzo Petrucci (Massimo Popolizio), a mirror of our fragility and our darkest instincts. Theevent is organised in collaboration with Piemonte Movie and courtesy of Adler Entertainment.

The soundtrack is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon Music...

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