mark awards in los angeles we return home full of excitement and trophies

Mark Awards in Los Angeles: We return home full of excitement and trophies!

Great success for Machiavelli Music and our label Onetrackaday at the Mark Awards in Los Angeles this year!
We took home no less than two very valuable awards for two tracks we produced and composed by two incredible musicians: Alessandro Di Virgilio and Francesco Cerrato.

🏆 Jazz Track of the Year: Criminal Swing di Alessandro Di Virgilio - Onetrackaday.

🏆 Best Use in a Documentary Film/Series: Cesare Lombroso and His Ghosts di Francesco Cerrato - Onetrackaday.

These awards represent international recognition of the quality of our onetrackaday catalogue and the absolute value of our creative team of musicians.

The Mark Awards are held annually in Los Angeles and honour the best production music made worldwide.

In addition to our two awards, we add 4 more won by our historical partners Megatrax and Video Helper represented exclusively by Machiavelli Music for Italy!

🏆 Vocal Performance of the Year: I Am Unstoppable, AJ Afterparty - Megatrax
🏆 Country Track of the Year: 57 Coup de Ville, di Mike Noble & Randy Hart - Megatrax
🏆 Crime/Investigative Track of the Year: Dark Desires, Saul Guanipa - Video Helper
🏆 Premio Best Cover Art: MODULES 17, di Mark Brye - Video Helper

Check out the Machiavelli Music winners at the prestigious Mark Awards in Los Angeles.
Listen to them here!