the future in our hands the new oneatrackaday album

The future in our hands the new Oneatrackaday album

Do you want to get right to the heart of your viewer?
Are you looking for music to enrich your images with emotion?

In the new Onetrackaday release, 'The future in our hands' by our award-winning composer Francesco Cerrato, you will find the soundtrack for your video, film or commercial, that will elevate your stories, enriching them with pathos, sweetness, emphasis and delicacy.

Motivating and hopeful notes build wonderful sound worlds, enriched by the brass, expressive piano notes and the warmth of the strings.

Discover 'The future in our hands”:

Onetrackaday Volume 107  

M107 - The future in our hands
Motivating and hopeful scores featuring piano and strings

Francesco recently took home the Best original score at the Indie Shorts Awards in Cannes for the soundtrack of the short film 'Larvae'.

His track On the unicorn was nominated at the Production Music Awards in London, which honour the most talented production music composers from around the world, as 'contemporary classical production music track'.

We are proud of this production!

"The future in our hands" is a #onetrackaday project, the 100% Machiavelli Music Publishing catalogue.

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