the sound of baby la la is the soundtrack of the peuterey campaign by armando testa

The sound of "Baby, la, la" is the soundtrack of the Peuterey campaign by Armando Testa

"Fit your Uniqueness" is the title of the Peuterey campaign, where our music han been chosen; the title, the video and the messages linked to them are an invitation to accept yourself, like yourself, love yourself.
"Wear your uniqueness" means choosing to feel good about yourself to proudly show your identity and exceptionality.

Baby, la, la by Stuart Max Field by Darwin Music, a Machiavelli Music licensing, is a good representation of this creative project, which aims to narrate the ever-increasing need to express oneself without fear.

The song accompanies the campaign, developed in print, billboard, digital video and social media, on air from August until the end of the year, of a brand that wants to tell the story of uniqueness, in all its forms.

Peuterey S.r.l.
Brand team: Giovanni Lusini, Cristina Castelli
Armando Testa S.p.A.
Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani
Creative Team: Maria Meioli, Ottavia Giola, Antonella Raso
Account Team: Stefano Salvatore, Martina Conterio
Social media Team: Fabio Cuscunà, Sara Zavattaro
Photographer: Andy Massaccesi
Directors: Luca Grafner, Oscar Grafner
Calligrapher: Mattia Riami
Production company: Little Bull Studios
Animation studio: Studio Magoga

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