machiavelli music award for the best original soundtrack is back

Machiavelli Music Award for the best original soundtrack is back!

Elia Pellegrini's music for the short film "Quando si ritira il mare", directed by Francesco Lorusso, wins the Machiavelli Music Award for Best Original Soundtrack for the Pop Edition of the Turin Glocal Film Festival.

a moment of the award ceremonyOnce again this year and for the 13th consecutive year, Machiavelli Music is supporting the Glocal Film Festival in Turin, organized by the Associazione Piemonte Movie Piemonte Movie Association in Turin, Italy, at Cinema Massimo from March 15-20, 2023.

Music contributes meaning to film images and influences the effectiveness of the message and emotions conveyed by the film.

To promote the musical originality of the competing projects, the competing work with the best original soundtrack, among those in the finalist short films of Spazio Piemonte, was awarded the Machiavelli Music Prize.

This award reaffirms the meaning of our work: it is music that conveys the emotions of the story.

Elia PellegriniElia Pellegrini's soundtrack for the short film "Quando si ritira il mare" guides us on a dreamlike journey through the memories and memories of two brothers. Only music, together with dance and the sea, has the magical power to bring back memories, and transports us to a dimension where emotions and signs of the past take shape, become matter, allow themselves to be glimpsed before fading away. The collaboration with the Festival represents for us an appointment with Piedmontese cinema, capable of returning the state of the art of local film creativity and creating connections between insiders and aspiring filmmakers.

Alice Filippi, a Piedmontese filmmaker, led the event this year with the aim of creating a contamination between the arts, in which cinema merged with dance, video art, music and visual arts, always with a focus on the glocal dimension. The director has inherited a festival full of initiatives and aims to enhance cinema made in Piedmont and its glocal dimension.

Machiavelli Music strongly adheres to the spirit of the event and through this partnership pursues one of its main goals: to invest in young people and music professionals, through the constant search for new talents on the national territory, promoting abroad the creativity of young Italian artists.