pietro giola speaker for the spotlight on italy at milan music week 2023

Pietro Giola speaker for the "SPOTLIGHT ON ITALY" at Milan Music Week 2023!

On Wednesday, November 22nd, during the annual International Production Music Group (IPMG) event as part of Milano Music Week, we were privileged to witness an extraordinary overview of the Italian music scene.

Moderated by Gilda Fulco of Intervox Production Music and hosted at the Milan Hilton, the panel "SPOTLIGHT ON ITALY" enriched the audience with a unique perspective, exploring the role and evolution of Italian music in the ever-dynamic music production industry.

Pietro Giola, Founder and CEO of Machiavelli Music, shared valuable insights on the Italian music scene. Alongside him, Fabrizio Zavagli, SIAE International Relations Director, and Andrea Tonoli, composer, contributed by bringing their experience.

The event was an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the challenges and opportunities of the Italian music scene, offering an authoritative and stimulating platform for discussion.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated, helping to make this an unforgettable event!