sunny vibes

Sunny Vibes

Sunsets on the beach, dancing nights under the stars... your stories will become even more special with our music. Find the perfect sound for every moment of your project.
An explosion of notes, emotions and colors is waiting for you: discover the magic of summer with our Sunny Vibes playlist!

Find your sound here!

Listen to our selection of tracks designed for commercials, TV and radio programs, electro-pop and dance tracks reminiscent of the best tracks by David Guetta and Bob Sinclar, as well as chill-out and soft tracks for romantic movie scenes and romantic comedies, ideal music for sports videos for surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts as well as hiking and climbing fans, perfect soundtracks for videos set in five-star hotels and for scenes from TV series featuring a wide sandy cove with a turquoise sea and cliffs all around...

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