jacaranda the heart of plants the new soundtrack for your creative projects

"JACARANDA - The Heart of Plants": The New Soundtrack for Your Creative Projects

Machiavelli Music is proud to present "JACARANDA - The Heart of Plants" by Luciana Bigazzi, an outstanding musical resource for scoring films, documentaries, and advertising campaigns. This album underscores our commitment to innovation and female creativity, serving as the soundtrack for our clients' creative endeavors.
Luciana Bigazzi, a pianist and composer, infuses her latest work with a profound love for nature, transforming listening into a reflective and meditative experience. "JACARANDA - The Heart of Plants" delves into the plant world through fifteen original pieces, perfectly suited to enhance any visual and emotional imagery. Her collaboration with classical guitarist Maurizio Colonna further enriches the album, making it ideal for settings that require deep emotional connection and visual narrative.
Luciana boasts a career filled with international performances and diverse projects, from cinema to education, demonstrating her ability to adapt music to various artistic and commercial contexts.

Discover "JACARANDA - The Heart of Plants" available on all digital platforms and in CD format.

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Produced by Maurizio Colonna for NCM New Classic Music.
2024 NCM New Classic Music / Distributed by EGEA MUSIC
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