la notte wins the machiavelli music award for the best original soundtrack

"La Notte” wins the Machiavelli Music Award for the best original soundtrack

With the Machiavelli Music Award, celebrating the quality of music in short films becomes a crucial moment to value the art of composing soundtracks that perfectly dialogue with the images, intensifying the visual experience.

Machiavelli Music Award - Fulvio ChiaraThis year, we are pleased to award the prize to the short film "La Notte" by Martina Generali, Simone Pratola, Francesca Sofia Rosso, from CSC Animation, for the musical arrangement by Fulvio Chiara. Vivaldi's Flute Concerto in G Minor "La Notte" RV 439 evokes dreamlike. and mysterious atmospheres in the animated short, blending harmoniously with the film's visual narrative. The quality of the arrangement and the use of an orchestral ensemble demonstrate how a careful and respectful reinterpretation of a classic can enrich and renew the perception of a story. This choice has revealed to us a deep understanding of the power of music to transform and amplify the emotions conveyed by the images, creating an immersive cinematic experience.

In this spirit, the Machiavelli Music Award is not only a recognition of artistic excellence but also an encouragement to pursue experimentation and originality in the creation of soundtracks that can become an emotional bridge between the screen and the viewer. The work presented by "La Notte" is a brilliant example of how music, with its evocative power, becomes a silent but powerful character within the cinematic story, enriching it with new nuances and depth.

Our collaboration with the Glocal Film Festival reaffirms a precious opportunity to celebrate creativity and talent in the film industry, promoting constructive dialogue among professionals and encouraging new talents to explore the infinite expressive possibilities of music.