new release single fat man vs bodybuilder plus video clip

New Release: Single "Fat Man VS Bodybuilder" + Video Clip

We are excited to announce the release of the single "Fat Man VS Bodybuilder" by Prank + Giorgio Li Calzi", now available for digital streaming on all major platforms.

Giorgio Li Calzi’s trumpet blends with the powerful sound of Prank, a trio composed of Enrico Degani (electric guitar), Federico Marchesano (electric bass), and Dario Bruna (drums). Their creative and contemporary sound, rooted in the new wave and industrial hardcore of 1990s Turin, continues to evolve through the influences of the modern cosmopolitan scene.

In the land of toys, living means playing along. Everything is a joke, a magic trick behind smoky masks of shouts and laughter. Fat Man VS Bodybuilder, who will win? It doesn't matter, but it will surely be an entertaining battle to the last breath. Prank doesn’t joke around, but perhaps they laugh beneath the masks.

The video for "Fat Man VS Bodybuilder," directed by Dario Timpani, was filmed at Bazar Bonino, an ancient toy store and wunderkammer in the center of Turin. The video premiered on Jazzit, check it out today on our YouTube channel:

Enrico Degani - guitar
Federico Marchesano - bass
Dario Bruna - drums
Giorgio Li Calzi - trumpet
Ⓒ & ℗ 2024 Machiavelli Music
Video directed by Dario Timpani