our music brings the documentary on the art of mario ceroli to life

Our music brings the documentary on the art of Mario Ceroli to life

“Mario Ceroli, le forme della meraviglia” is now available on RAI PLAY! The documentary, which premiered on ART NIGHT - RAI 5 on 15 May, explores the life and work of the famous sculptor and set designer Mario Ceroli.

Our soundtrack
The original music accompanying the documentary was composed by Cristiano Viti, Luigi Seviroli, Marco Cimino and Giovanni Tornambene, and is all licensed by Machiavelli Music. Each note is designed to enrich and amplify the emotions conveyed by Ceroli's extraordinary creations.

A musical and artistic journey
Mario Ceroli, born in Castel Frentano in 1938, began his artistic journey through a fortunate combination of events. This documentary not only tells his story, but also celebrates his contribution to contemporary art. Our music helps transport the viewer into Ceroli's fascinating world.

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Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in this extraordinary artistic journey, accompanied by our evocative melodies.

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