pietro giola discusses music architecture in an episode of the podcast non solo voci

Pietro Giola discusses Music Architecture in an episode of the podcast "Non solo Voci”

We are excited to announce the participation of our CEO Pietro Giola in the recent episode “The architecture of music for improving the city” of the podcast "Non solo Voci", a column by Maria Chiara Voci, a journalist at Il Sole 24 Ore, who specializes in sustainability and health in the construction sector, architecture, restoration of existing structures, and urban regeneration, as well as innovation in smart cities and technology in construction.

The interview is an opportunity to share unique insights into the role of music in the architecture of communal places and public spaces in cities.
The episode, already available on Spotify, features Pietro Giola delving into the transformative role of music in the architecture of public spaces and communal places in cities. During the podcast, Pietro Giola shares his vision on how sound design can significantly improve the perception and urban experience, promoting wellbeing, safety, and serenity among citizens. Music is not just an art, but a powerful tool for defining the identity and atmosphere of urban spaces, as emerges from the interview.

The dialogue focuses on the importance of integrating sound design into modern architecture, highlighting how underestimating this aspect can lead to negative consequences for urban comfort. Through concrete examples and theoretical discussions, the episode offers valuable insights on how sound innovation can enrich not only properties but also brands on a global scale.
Listen to the episode of "Non solo Voci" on Spotify now and learn more about how Machiavelli Music and its Music Architecture division are working to transform our cities into more harmonious and welcoming places.

Listen to the episode: