pietro talks about the power of music at deegito turin digital festival

Pietro Talks About the Power of Music at Deegito - Turin Digital Festival

"Music not only accompanies but profoundly transforms our visual and sensory perception, making every experience more intense and meaningful," a fragment from the speech by Pietro Giola, CEO of Machiavelli Music, speaker at Deegito - Turin Digital Festival last April 12th, 2024.

During his panel, "Visual Harmonies, the Power of Music”, Pietro explored various aspects of the influence of music in different creative and communicative sectors. He talked about the role of music in visual storytelling, its ubiquity in everyday life, and its impact in marketing through in-depth case studies.

Pietro also highlighted how music shapes our emotions and perceptions, emphasizing how its proper use can make a message truly memorable, from advertising to podcasting, including sonic branding.

The speech took place within the context of Deegito - Turin Digital Festival, a meeting place for professionals and leaders in the digital sector, who gather in Turin to share innovations and inspirations. The festival was an occasion to discuss the intimate connection between music and image.

Pietro's approach demonstrated the vital importance of music in every creative project, showing that "music is a powerful communicative tool that provides an additional dimension to any visual storytelling." His presentation offered valuable insights on how to strategically use sound to enhance visual content and marketing campaigns, making them emotionally more engaging.

The panel was a testament to the value that music can bring to every area of digital creativity and an invitation to delve deeper into its potential, allowing the communication message to effectively reach its recipient.