the album prank giorgio li calzi is released today

The album "Prank + Giorgio Li Calzi" is released today

Finally, the long-awaited album "Prank + Giorgio Li Calzi" is out on all digital streaming platforms and on the Machiavelli Music website!

Prank + Giorgio Li Calzi is a rock quartet with an experimental attitude. Born as a trio in the dark nights of Turin among old warehouses and deserted highways (Federico Marchesano on bass, Enrico Degani on guitar, and Dario Bruna on drums), Prank met Giorgio Li Calzi (trumpet and vocoder), giving rise to a new musical journey and an album set to be released on July 5, 2024, by Machiavelli Music.

The band's sound is creative and contemporary, rooted in the new wave and industrial hardcore of 1980s Turin. A constantly evolving sound that developed in the 1990s Turin Murazzi (a multicultural and multiethnic nightlife center in various venues along the Po River) and the modern cosmopolitan scene, where jazz forms an important cultural core of the music scene.

The four band members have played with artists such as Arto Lindsay, Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk), Lenine, Louis Sclavis, Mary Halvorson, Andy Sheppard, Jon Balke, Julia Kent, Mike Cooper, Han Bennink, Thomas Feiner.

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Enrico Degani - guitar
Federico Marchesano - bass
Dario Bruna - drums
Giorgio Li Calzi - trumpet

The video for the single “Fat Man VS Bodybuilder" was filmed by Dario Timpani at Bazar Bonino, an ancient stationery store and wunderkammer in the center of Turin. Watch it on our YouTube channel: