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listen to soundtrack for contemporary stories

Listen to “Soundtrack for Contemporary Stories”

"Sitting on the bus that leads to downtown, I look out the window: workers of the market early in the morning, a couple in love, the fingers of a mother clutching those of her daughter. Sparring Project is this: a long journey in a world where everything is music"

music and images meet on the territory 18 glocal film festival

Music and images meet on the territory - 18 GLocal Film Festival

To promote the musical originality of the projects in the competition, Machiavelli Music will award the best soundtrack of the short movies in competition at the Glocal Film Festival Piemonte Movie (5 - 10 March, Turin). 
The winner's soundtrack will be published in digital format distributed on all digital stores worldwide.

machiavelli music for fondazione ferrero

Machiavelli Music for Fondazione Ferrero

Assez vif et bien rythm (STYE Classical / Machiavelli Music) by Claude Debussy for the commercial of the international art exhibition Dal nulla al sogno, focused on Dada and Surrealism and organized by the Ferrero Foundation -  Alba.